The Way I'm Running

by PigPen Theatre Co.

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Hope Dunlap
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Hope Dunlap These guys are gifted and talented. Their music fun and beautiful and will be listened to over and over again. The worlds they conjure through song and theater inspire the imagination. I highly recommend taking a couple minutes to click around their site and maybe listen to something. The work these fellows put into their products is admirable and appreciated. Favorite track: The Way I'm Running.
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runner Saw PigPen Theatre Co performing "The Old Man and the Old Sea" at San Diego's Old Globe. Great performance and great music! Favorite track: I Crash.
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The follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album "Bremen" - "The Way I'm Running", a 5 track EP, was recorded very much “on-the-run” as the band were touring around the country for the first time in the summer of 2013. Between new cities and festival stops they’d return to NYC for a night or two and collaborate with “Bremen” producer Ron Robinson Jr. on these 5 new songs that had become fan favorites in their live sets.


released October 8, 2013

The members of PigPen Theatre Co. are:
Alex Falberg
Arya Shahi
Ben Ferguson
Curtis Gillen
Dan Weschler
Matt Nuernberger
Ryan Melia

"The Way I'm Running" 
Written, Arranged, and Performed by: PigPen Theatre Co. 
Produced and Engineered by: Ron Robinson Jr. 
Photography by: Sophie Kuller 

Special thanks to everyone who
continues to support us: our families, our fans,
our mentors.



all rights reserved


PigPen Theatre Co. New York, New York

PigPen Theatre Co. met as freshman at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in 2007. Their debut LP, “Bremen”, was named #10 album of the year in The Huffington Post’s 2012 Grammy preview. Their follow up EP, “The Way I’m Running”, was premiered by American Songwriter and released on Oct. 8th, 2013. Their sophomore album. "Whole Sun", was released July 7th, 2015. They're cool. Pinky promise. ... more


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Track Name: Sailor
if i was a sailor
i'd sail on forever
for the sake of my daughters
i'd weather any weather
i'd sleep on that horizon
i'd bargain with the winds blow
please more than a whisper
i'd argue with the waters
they're bitter 'cause we bicker
i'd feast on that horizon
if i was a tree stump
i'd hope to be a whole one
from the seed to the highest leaf
so i could see over that horizon
Track Name: Song from the Stone
i snuck from your window
and sooner was racing
i ran to the willow
i followed the song from the stone
i followed the song from the stone

i sooner was dancin'
when I saw your reflection
in the wind chimes calling
for the song from the stone
for the song from the stone

If i were to follow you
would i be a follower?

if i didn't meet you
would i be a traitor?

i do wish a million
that you were here with me
Track Name: The Way I'm Running
well them fat cats down in the city
they picked my pockets, clean and pretty
and them country girls, they leave me alone

so i cut my hair and shined my shoes
threw my sunday best on
i hitched a ride on down that dusty road going:

oooo oooo

it's a wide eyed girl in the drivers seat
keeps her hair pinned up and her dress real neat
terrified of driving, she aint afraid to roam

it's isabel who is a bell that rings like a midday sun
smiles when she says her name
makes fun of the way i'm running going:

oooo oooo

darling loose them worn down licks
break your habits and kick your fixes
roll 'em over, and let 'em go
aint like you to stop the show

sweet isabel turns with a twinkle in her smile
and with a wink makes this trip worth my while
"you got your running legs and i know how you feel"
and with that, sweet isabel jerks the wheel

mom and pop they aint aware 'til they receive a call
their little wide eyed girl and a running man hit the wall
the story goes the butcher boys couldn't find no one to blame
cause they saw isabel laughing when we went up in flames going:

oooo oooo

darling lost her worn down licks
she broke my habits and kicked my fixes
rolled me over, and let me go
just like her to stop the show

oooo oooo
Track Name: Giant
i wandered away from myself one day
tickled to find what i'd see
so scared of how fast i'd find the thing
for which i was looking

so i closed my eyes
and erase my mind
and i called it a lie
i called it a lie

but who knows
who knows
what its like to be ten feet tall

yes who knows
who knows
what its like to be ten feet tall


so i close my eyes
and erase my mind
and i called it a lie
i called it a lie

cause who know
who knows
what its like to be ten feet tall

so now i guess i'm just a stone in the grass
separated, fallen away from those things in my past

my legs the kings of my journey
my eyes the mapmakers
Track Name: I Crash
side step the creaks in the cracks of my broken smile
light me a gait for my path if you'll stay a while
break the tight line with a down turned face from the spray
if she is the swell by my side then i am the wave

i crash on the board
i crash on the board

there is a pull on a pool in a well over time
if she my cup on a rope then i'll be just fine
i'll pay down my debts and upturn my charge to the sky
no mans a saint without learning first to ask why

i crash on the board
i crash on the board

a cross stitch, a lace wick, a bottle filled to the brim
if she is the wax sealing up then i just give in
so spring load the planks and pluck my purse to pass
she'll shop shine the dimes for my eyes and i won't come back

i crash on the board
i crash on the board